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    About Us

    Aus Wreck Car Removal is a professional Auto Wrecker company based in Adelaide. Starting out with humble beginnings, we’ve grown over many years of industry experience to become the best-rated Car Removal service in Adelaide. But what does it take to become Adelaide’s industry ‘Cash for Cars’ leaders? A lot of hard work and devotion to 100% customer satisfaction.

    Adelaide locals choose us to sell their car, whether they’re looking for a top-dollar payment, a fast Car Removal process or they simply want to deal with an authentic business that will get the job done with expert workmanship.

    Aus Wreck Car Removal Adelaide

    Our Goal

    When we first began, we knew that many Adelaide residents weren’t happy with the process of trying to sell their car. It was often time-consuming, stressful, and there was no way to know if you were dealing with a legitimate business that you can trust.

    This is where Aus Wreck Car Removal came in: we are now the go-to ‘Cash for Cars’ company for countless Adelaide car owners, many of whom came to us because previous customers recommended them to us.

    Our key goal is to provide a consistently reliable, fast and high-paying Car Removal service that gets you the fantastic price that your vehicle deserves.

    Our Team

    The quality of a Car Removal company begins and ends with its team. At Aus Wreck Car Removal, our team is handpicked to be the best of the best in the industry. Excellence is only just good enough when it comes to Aus Wreck Car Removal.

    Our team is:

    From the person who answers the phone to our drivers who tow your car away, you’ll be dealing with the Car Removal industry’s finest team. We combine honest deals, reliable service and a lightning-fast way to sell and remove your car.

    Our Promise

    When Adelaide locals choose us, they get the promise of excellent quality and an experienced team. Although it takes a lot of work, we achieve our promise each day thanks to our fleet of dependable Car Removal specialists and the rest of our team.

    Our promise is:

    We’re Adelaide’s Environmentally-Friendly Option to Dispose of Your Vehicle

    We at Aus Wreck Car Removal are proud to be the eco-friendliest Car Disposal service, providing a Car Wrecking process that is no-waste and doesn’t contribute to harmful pollution towards our environment. With the countless end of life vehicles ending up in the landfill, Adelaide residents can dispose of their vehicle with the peace of mind from knowing that they’re doing so in a way that keeps our beautiful environment clean.

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    At Aus Wreck Car Removal Adelaide, we tick all the right boxes for what an authentic Cash for Cars service should be. We know you’d rather spend as little time as possible trying to sell your car, so we’ve perfected a speedy and high-paying Cash for Cars process.

    Get in touch today and we’ll show just how much you can get for your unwanted Adelaide car.

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